About SEAS

Welcome to The Society for the Education of American Sailors!

We are an all volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to the teaching of sailing skills and the sport of sailing, founded in 1975.

Our four New Jersey - New York metropolitan area chapters welcome sailors of all skill levels, as well as those interested in learning how to sail. We are a leading provider of basic sailing instruction, teaching you how to sail safely.

Our courses are easily accessible and the most affordable in the tri-state area.

Each chapter offers a variety of sailing classes from beginning through advanced cruising and navigation courses.  For the more experienced sailor, our Cruising courses will prepare for overnight to weeks long trips on larger keel boats. We also offer the NJ Boating Safety course and Red Cross CPR/First-Aid classes.
Each chapter of SEAS maintains its own fleet of sailboats ranging in size from 12 to 30 feet.  These vessels are used for sailing classes and are also available for use by club members.  Sailing opportunities abound with SEAS members also looking for crew on their private boats.

In addition, all of the chapters work together to organize multi-day sailboat cruising adventures; SEAS has organized cruises, including the Chesapeake Bay, Martha's Vineyard, Florida Keys, the Caribbean, Spain, Tortola, the Pacific North West, Sea of Cortez, The Grenadines, the Eastern Mediterranean Sea, and even as far as New Zealand and Tahiti!

Throughout the year the chapters offers a variety of parties, sailing events, lectures, education and trips in addition to the regular meetings. It's a great way to meet other people like you who are looking for sailing opportunities. Whether you own a boat or are just beginning, join us to connect with fellow sailors (and a few old salts).

Select the chapter nearest you for additional details and contact information.

SEAS welcomes new members and makes no discrimination as to nationality, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, class or political opinions.